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Its meaning is derived from the French "couche," past part of "coucher" which means "to lay down." The Hootchy-Kootchy (Hoochi-Coochi) or Cooch dance is a pseudo-Turkish, sensual dance executed only by women in short skirts, bare midriffs and tight breastbands, which is said to have originated at the Philadelphia Centennial Fair (May-Nov-1876.)

The term has been carried over to mean any so-called partnerless female "Sexy or Risqué" dance performed at fairs, Carnivals, Saloons and Burlesques clubs etcetera where women would be encouraged (or exploited) to perform such dances in a more provocative manner originally used to help gain attendance to sell alcohol to the patrons of a saloon etc.
Spelled as hootchie-cootchie or hootchy-cootchy, it is part of the music history of Cab Calloway (Minnie the Moocher) and Muddy Waters (Hootchie-Cootchie Man)
by david allan December 09, 2008

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