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A hard-on so big and intense that it pulls the skin tight on the rest of the body, making your face look like it's in a centrifuge.
I had such a huge Reltne going, I looked like Chevy Chase at the start of Spies Like Us.
Myers Park is one of the most expensive areas in Charlotte, N.C. and is arguably the most prestigious neighborhood in Charlotte. Residents are known as Myers Parkers. A "Myers Pauper" is someone, usually a vacuous blonde (and mate), that spends all their income just so they can live in Myers Park for the prestige, yet have no extra money.
Ophelia Snoblingfield Deucchebagg and Pender Parker Richlingsworth III just bought a house in Myers Park, but have to eat at Taco Bell and send their kids to public school. They're Myers Paupers.
When you're on vacation, and you'll pay way too much for something...something you'd never in a million years pay that much for if you were at home. This is the behavior of a vacationnaire.
Andrea: Look at this great necklace! It's made of seashells, and someone has strung them together with fishing line. How awesome! It's only $259.00!

David: Have you bumped your head? That's only worth about three dollars!

Andrea: As always, I will not listen to you. I'm buying it anyway.

David: My wife is a vacationnaire. See you in the poorhouse.
When someone works incredibly hard, but since they lack even the most basic skills, the product of their many hours of hard work is still crap. (I made up this word April 8, 2008)
Dingus: "I saw you had a bunch of illegal immigrants reroofing your house. Man, I hear those guys work their asses off."

Cleetus: "Yep, they worked their asses off, but they forgot to put tar-paper down, and the edges of the shingles aren't level. Now I have to hire someone that knows what they're doing. Damn illegals".

Lurleen: "Sounds like they put forth the MEXIMUM effort though...you have to hand it to them."

Also when a pro-immigration person says "Those immigrants, they work their asses off" and then I say "Yeah, but you could put a scalpel in my hand and I'd work my ass off in the operating room, but it'd still be a bloody mess and the patient would die". I put forth the MEXIMUM effort, but the finished product was crap.
When your female dog will jump up in bed or on the couch with you, but will only snuggle if you pet her constantly. Otherwise, she'll jump down and go lie by herself.
"Awwwww...heyyyy Star (my dog), how's my schnuggiepoo? I gotta sleep for a little longer, so I can't pet you all day long" (puts arm around Star to snuggle and enjoy bonding). Star, not getting any petting, immediately jumps out of the bed and goes into the other room. Star is a pettinslut.
When you buy something that needs CONSTANT maintenance to keep it running, resulting in buyers remorse and ceaseless headaches.
"Mr. Dipshit just had a waterfall landscape thing (or a pool) installed in his yard". "Yep...he'll be cleaning algae out of THAT thing every week. Looks like he's bought a Jaguar"
Verb. The act of being miserable. (mizzed, mizzing)
George: "Where's Clint?"

Kevin: "He's not coming tonight. His girlfriend broke up with him, and he's at home mizzing about it".

David: "That sucks".

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