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A trombloid is a person of complete distaste,an idiot,a waste of space,a wanker etc.. It is the last insult in your arsenal,the clincher.
Rory pissed in the flower pot again,what a fucking trombloid!
by Dave Mack May 21, 2010
to agree with someone or to acknowledge what they say as being correct
can be used in a sarcastic way
jimmy:make sure you have a good time!
jock: yeahsureyebetchya.
frank:hey doesn't she have a great pair of tits?!
ger: yeahsureyebetchya
by dave mack September 14, 2006
a blending of both paradox and conundrum,meaning a problem or puzzle impossible to solve by any means
That girl is a paranundrum,ill never understand her!
The meaning of life is a paranundrum
What goes on in the mind of a woman is a paranundrum
by dave mack September 14, 2006
a female or small gobshite as i would define it,something i tend to call small women,(girlfriend)not meant as offensive
shut up out of that ya gobeen
get out of the way ye gobeen ye
stop eating all my jam ye gobeen
by dave mack September 14, 2006
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