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a phrase used when somone says somthing that is nothing to do with anything
fred: i just bought a new cd
dave: oh yea what is it
fred: nice weather were havin
dave: whats that got to do with the price of cheese
by dave garnar June 10, 2005
When a man is going down on a woman and blows a raspberry in to her vagina, this is a cunt chuckler.
I did a massive cunt chuckler on my missus last night, she bitch slapped me so hard.
by Dave Garnar September 02, 2007
a term women use to give men no chance of winning
if we answer no then they are to skinny
if we say yes we are insulting them

best answers are

no your fat makes your bum look big in that


fuck this for a game of soldiers im going down the pub.
by dave garnar June 09, 2005
what fat fuckers suffer from when they say they have big bones, watter retention, M.E.
look at that fat bitch shes got cake retention.
by dave garnar June 09, 2005

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