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A practical joke or stunt that includes a man ejaculating into his hand before throwing the sperm deposited onto someone else. The sperm can be mixed with a clump of dirt to better resemble a ball. This stunt can be famously seen performed by Stuart Rudin in the film 'Silence of the Lambs'.
He left campus a couple of days ago- apparently, the guys kept getting him with California Snowballs while he was sleeping.
by dave creedance April 16, 2009
Homosexual females seen as noticeably overweight and often associated with short haircuts, snout noses, and male-like physical characteristics while seen as generally unattractive to the opposite sex; see 'Butch' for further reading.
I don't think anything could have prepared me for the sight of two lezhogs going at it earlier in the park.
by dave creedance April 11, 2009
A sexual position predominately used by homosexuals as a method of mutual masturbation; two men inserts their penises into either sides of a Chinese 'Finger Trap' toy while moving back and forth in order to stimulate an orgasm. The two men can also high five during the act to achieve a modified 'Eiffel Tower'.
I'm not saying I'd suck his dick, but I won't find getting him in a Chinese Finger Trap...
by dave creedance April 11, 2009

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