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The act of eating one's fart bubble while usually in a bath tub or swimming pool.
"Brosiff, I am the shmerffle king of this pool!"
by Dave Rowe April 07, 2008
A one syllable laugh like "heh" or "hah" that in most cases is used when following a simple statement or comment that is somewhat humorous. Can also be used as a courtesy laugh.
Dude One: "Jebus man, my shoe is tied all funny."
Dude Two: "hah"
Dude One: "Thanks for the gigglet."
Dude Two: "Of course... heh."
by Dave Rowe January 02, 2009
Someone who cannot stop laughing and/or giggling. Usually a result from smoking mary-jane, but can also result from constant jokes and/or awkward moments. Most common in small groups and/or post-dates.
Dude: "Hey Girl"
Chick: "Sup. hahaha."
Dude: "Ok.. you alright?"
Chick: "hahah. Fine. wee.. hahaha. wow. hahaha."
Dude: "Haha damn girl.. you are like.."
Chick: "What? hahah. what huh? haha."
Dude: "A gigglesaurous."
Chick: "hahahahahahahha."
by Dave Rowe January 02, 2009
A water bottle that is emptied and instead filled with Vodka or other substance that looks like water. Common when going to a public location like a park, baseball game, or even class.
Man1: "Dude why do you cringe everytime you take a sip of your Arrowhead water?"
Man2: "It's my secret water man."
Man1: "Huh?"
Man2: (in a whisper) "My Skyy water..."
Man1: "Huh?"
Man2: "It's freaking vodka you nut."
Man1: "haha niceeee."
by Dave Rowe January 22, 2009
A variation of "holy shit" that is usually said in response to something that does not involved a great amount of stress or results from a situation without too much negativity. Commonly said among video gamers.
Gamer1: "Holy chet he shot me in da butt!"
Gamer2: "Run mang, run!!"
by Dave Rowe January 07, 2009
An orgasm caused by seeing a very nice automobile.
Car: *vroooooooooooooom*
Man: "Oh godd." *ahhhh* "Autogasm" *ahhhuhh*
by Dave Rowe January 23, 2009
A condition common to the average person (primarily in the United States) where he/she always has an electronic device - usually a cell phone - in the palm of their hand.
Man: "What the hell do you always have in your hand?"
Woman: "Why it's my Blackberry of course.. duh."
Man: "Jebus! You have serious electropalm."
by Dave Rowe January 22, 2009
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