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A ghostwritten joke, with disastrous plastic surgery and skin bleaching, who raps about swallowing various men's nut, taking it bareback in her asshole, who always makes songs about her droopy, low pussy lips, which are usually photographed at events below eye level because she refuses to wear underwear to conceal her smelly flesh. She always starts shit with every female rapper who is currently relevant: Foxy Brown, Eve, Nicki Minaj. She also has the most delusional stans on the planet earth, who find validation by trying to prove that she is still relevant, but always fail. She has been exposed countless times by her ghost-writers in the mid to late 2000s. Biggie said it takes her a week to write 16 bars, because she's not a writer.
My eyes is lower den lil kim's pussy.
by datbitchwit1millionlooks November 28, 2011

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