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1. Worthless material that is to be disposed.

2. Having little or no value to the superior standard of a Michigan Tech Degree.
Bubba Joe done got his Northern Michigan Degree. He'll be movin' outa his Pa's and managin' da WalMart in no time!
by dasilly1s January 06, 2010
A very prestigious prostituion oriented university. While the practicality and usefullness of the degree you may earn rivial that of a peice of used toilet paper, the hands-on education in STDs VDs and other sexual transmitted deseases are far superior to any teaching facility in the state of Michigan.

Female graduates are often the product of an inbread/animal husbandry relationship.
Jenny went to Northern Michigan University. Her vagina will be blown' out like a GoodYear tire in no time!
by dasilly1s January 06, 2010

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