11 definitions by dashite

One who impersonates the New Zealand Good Morning Host - Mary Lambie.
"OMG it's lambs in the bogs at FLANESH!"


"Lambs has a stolen credit card again"
by Dashite July 09, 2003
Mumma Jack's trade.
Trade: "OMG I'm J Lo!"
by DaShite July 13, 2003
One whom has an overbearing fetish of numbers and their mechanics.
smell of excitement after balance sheet is brought out
"PWC Accountants do that kinda thing..."
by Dashite July 10, 2003
An expression used in reply to anything Mumma Jack may say
Mumma Jack: "Don't think I'm not going to release the pig"
Anyone: "ugh"
by DaShite July 13, 2003
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