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1) to playfully strike someone in the sternum with your knuckles.

2)A girl in which a bro would like to tap.

3) A way of expressing yourself at pep rallies

4) to penetrate a fellow bro's anus with your penis and or other object (hand, black dildo, Statute of Liberty, Umbrella, or a watermellon)
* Oh dude you your bro tap took my breath away (example of def. 1 & 4)

* Guy 1: School Spirit!!!
Guy 2: Bro Tap (smacks Guy 1 in the sternum)

* Girl: I'm so drunk right now
Guy: wanna join me in a bro tap? (Example of 2)

* Guy: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Example 4)
by dartingtonmouth/infinidick April 01, 2009

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