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A state in the Midwest region of the U.S. Bordered by Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and the likes of Michigan. Known as the "Hoosier State," its name is often mistakingly referred to as its largest city of Indianapolis by outsiders from the Midwest (except those from Michigan) who are too stupid to know the difference between Indiana and Indianapolis. It ranks 14th in population with over 6 million residents. It is often stereotyped as a place of rednecks (some believe it to have the most of any midwest state), corn, covered bridges and homes with a basketball hoop adjacent to a gigantic cornfield. The real Indiana, although with a lot of corn ranks #1 in the production of steel (Gary), popcorn, mint, tomatoes, musical instuments, caskets, recreational vehicles (RVs), pharmacueticals and truck bodies. Other important things about Indiana is its love for basketball and auto racing. "Hoosier hysteria" is the term that describes its craze for the sport. The Indy 500 in Indianapolis is the world's largest single-day sporting event. The Brickyard 400, also in Indianapolis is the 2nd largest race in the NASCAR circuit.

Indiana's capital and largest city is Indianapolis. It is the 12th largest largest city in the U.S. with 792,000 in its city limits and 1.7 million in the metro area. Indy is not Napt-town anymore. It is in the midst of a huge renneisance and Carmel is perhaps its most well-known suburb, known for its posh setting. No other city in Indiana can come remotely close to being rivaled in size, culture and commerce.

Gary is the steel-manufacturing center of the country and is considered a Chicago suburb. Gary is perhaps the epitome of urban blight and decay and is among the most dangerous cities in the country notoriuos for its violence and poverty.

The rest of Indiana is pretty low-key and conservative. Fort Wayne is OK. South Bend has Notre Dame University. West Lafayette is known for Purdue University, while Bloomington is the home of Indiana University. Indiana residents are often divided in loyalty among college sports fans between Purdue and Indiana.

Indiana is pretty average as far as state's go. It's not too big, not too small. Not overly populated and not sparsely populated. It's a pretty good state, all-in-all and is much better than its neighbor to the north in Michigan and not as many rednecks as its southern neighbor Kentucky.
Indiana is my home and I am proud to be a Hoosier.
by darrenkrkc March 21, 2007
Land of nowhere located 55 miles NE of Indianapolis.

The hometown of Ball State University.

Population 70,000
muncie is about the dullest place on Earth.
by darrenkrkc March 21, 2007
A city in Hamilton County, Indiana and a posh suburb of Indianapolis. City population of about 60,000 in 2005.

Mistakingly pronounced "car-mell" by outsiders.
Carmel is probaly the only place in Indiana where a lot of rich people live.
by darrenkrkc March 21, 2007
Hell's corporate headquarters

Where corporate HQs like Comerica move to better places in the SunBelt.


Where people don't live anymore.

Where urban revitalization is not.

The single-worst city in the country.

A population loss of over 50% in 5 decades. Current population of about 850,000 from 1.6 million and not even in the top 10 largest US cities anymore.

Where jobs are not.

Anything south of 8 Mile Road where you turn around as you approach the city limits.

A place called Flint is even better.

Where the first state government moved out over 100 years ago.

Even San Jose, CA now has a larger population.

The opposite of San Diego and Seattle.
urban blight

rampant homicide


revitalization is a joke

"white flight"

by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
La La land. Where reality is ignored and Holywood flaunts its socialist agenda.
los angeles is the most gang-infested city in the country
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
Where corruption is king and hell has its headquarters.
New Orleans will be the lost continent of Atlantis one of these days.
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
The land of electile dysfunction, where the people are so stupid they dont even know how to vote, let alone punch a small hole through a ballot card.
The people of florida prove their stupidity every four years.
by darrenkrkc March 21, 2007

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