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If someone is teasing you, you can just put "ya mum" infront of their comment and you have a better comment.
Ben:Your gay.
Tommo:Ya mums gay.
Ben:Your a fuckwit.
Tommo:Ya mums a fuckwit
Ben:Fuck you.
Tommo:Fuck ya mum.
Ben:Go away.
Tommo:Tell ya mum to go away.
by Darren Thomson April 28, 2005
Fuckn baddest shit that can happen to you.You go to school for fucken 6 hours then they give you work to do at home. I say fuck homework and fuck the stupid cunt teachers that give it to you.
Ben:Fuckn got homework again lad
Tommo:fuck that shit im not doing it miss doyle can shove it up her arse hole,
by Darren Thomson April 29, 2005
Just Something Fucken Awsome.
Tommo:Get a fucken load of my big mac
Ben: Thays fucken Grouse
by Darren Thomson June 07, 2005
This word is used in a situation where your mate has said something pretty funny but you couldnt be fucked to laugh so you just say funny shit
Tommo: Oi nathans a stupid cunt
Ben: Funny Shit
by Darren Thomson April 23, 2005
The place to sleep, watch movies, play pool, play table tennis, and most of all to get pissed when we get the chance.Cold as a cunt at night so bring a sleeping bag.
Tomo:Lets go play some table tennis and pool and shit.
Ben: yeah i wana beat you at pool you mofo.
by Darren Thomson April 29, 2005
Little anoying mofo who gets on ya nerves but is the cunt who is always organised and nuthing can be wrong or his life is over.
Tommo:get aload of jonsey doing his homwork
Ben:yeah he is shitting himself.
by Darren Thomson April 28, 2005
Mc Shit is where you go to mac donalds and mc nuggets and mc chip and fucken mc big mac and the go to the toilet and chuck a big shit in the toilet without flushing it and leaving it to stink out the whole place
Tommo went into maccas the other day and done the biggest mc shit ov ever seen they had to evacuate the whole place
by Darren Thomson April 23, 2005

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