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Respect, admiration and idolization of another man. Non-sexual. Celebrities, athletes and rock stars are often the object of the man crush.

You can not have a man crush on a friend of yours. That is simply a strong friendship.

Two possible conditions for determining if you have a man crush are:

1. Badly wanting to be that man.
2. If your man crush approached your significant other and began hitting on her, you would excuse yourself and let him have her, at least temporarily.
I have a man crush on Sidney Crosby. I would likely sell my soul to be him and if he wanted to nail my girlfriend, I'd compliment him on his awesomeness and excuse myself.
by danwaterloo December 11, 2007
A combination of nappy-headed, which is an insult of the tight, curly hair of blacks and ho, a common insult to black females.
"They're (Rutger's university women's basketball team) a bunch of nappy-headed hos." Don Imus.
by danwaterloo April 12, 2007
Constipated, unable to take a shit. A bunghole is your asshole.
I ate an extra-large meatlover's pizza and a pound of chicken wings yesterday, and today, I'm real bunged up.
by danwaterloo February 01, 2007
1. A globetrotting jetsetter who thinks nothing of hopping on a plane to Asia for a shopping spree.

2. People who deserve to be robbed and beaten.

You get the fucking picture, think one up for yourself. Paris Hilton would probably be a jetrosexual.
by danwaterloo March 07, 2007
Not putting in a good effort. Dog fucking continuously.
I've dogged it at work, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get laid off.
by danwaterloo July 10, 2008
1. In reference to yourself, very fucked, done for, finished, fucked yourself, or were fucked over badly. up shit creek fucked
I should have written that exam, I am so fuckered now.
by danwaterloo July 04, 2006
A Japanese automobile manufacturer which produces reliable, high-quality, fuel-efficient, but boring cars. In concert with Honda, it helped to bring about the long decline in the fortunes of the Big 3 Detroit manufacturers, due to it's superior quality and reliability. However, now that the Big 3 manufacturers have largely caught up in terms of reliability, Toyota and Honda's purpose has been served. American cars will eventually re-take their rightful spot atop the automobile manufacturing hierarchy, due to their ability to develop appealing cars. No Japanese car company has been able to come up with a hot car like the Camaro, Mustang, Corvette or Viper. Japanese companies do not have the creativity that American companies do, and therefore, will never take market leadership for long.
Toyota Camry, Corolla, Echo, Prius.
by danwaterloo September 15, 2007

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