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A succubus, but not hot, with a sub-retarded IQ that steals all of your money and your will to live, and then fucks other guys while dating you. Her only source of self worth is when she's getting fucked silly, which is often.
Dan: Dude, did you see Ashley at the bar? I think she's trying to get those three guys to triple team her and then hot karl her.
Jake: Yeah, it's too bad she's got mosquito bite tits and a saggy ass, otherwise they might.
Dan: Yeah, what a fucking Trashley.
#slut #mosquito bite tits #succubus #ugly monkey whore #ugly as sin #crack whore
by Dantits April 30, 2009
A professional asshole. Often found eating donuts and inflicting misery upon others.
Cannot even entertain the idea that he/she could be wrong about something. In their minds, they are infallible.
Someone who hates fun.
I accidentally ran a stop sign today, and of course the asshole police were right there to give me a ticket. $400 and higher insurance for a single mistake, thanks popo.

Dude, there was a knife fight in the hall of my apartment. Took the popo 45 minutes to get there. Probably because they wouldn't be able to write anyone tickets, so it wasn't a priority.

Fuck the police.
#anal rape #asshole #douchebag #popo #donuts #fuckface
by dantits April 17, 2010
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