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1 definition by danny the botter

bot is a euphemism for blowjob which is commonly used as an interjection.

history: legend has it that this term came (no pun intended)to be one day when mike and danny were in their early teens. they had witnessed a woman giving head to a guy and every time she thrust down to suck, it sounded like she was saying bot. this sound was due to tipshaft tonsil singularity effect which is when the downstroke sucking causes a vacuum and is later broken on the upstroke when the woman needed to breathe. as soon as mike & danny witnessed this vile act, they started laughing their asses off and kept repeating the word. during their years (in the late 90's) at chaminade college high school in toronto ontario, they frequently used the word as an expletive and greeting to fellow students, faculty, clergymen, females, stray animals, and trees.

recently quack doctors have pseudoscientifically proven that bot is uttered as a defence mechanism in relation to stress by mongolian goose bats. it is also proven to be a mating call for hens and various avifauna such as canadian geese. it has also been shown to cure restless leg syndrome in rats. if you see a rat with jittery legs, you scream bot at it really loud and it stops.
while saying the word "BOT", you must cock your head back and forth like a chicken emulating a blow job. you must also smack your lips on the "B" and legenthen the "O".

the word bot is commonly used as an interjection. here are some examples of when bot comes in to use:

-as a greeting : BOT
-while in the presence of your friends mom: when she turns her head away, you look at your friend and say bot. said friend will get pissed off because you are implying that his mom will either give you a blow job or that she is blow job material.
-when a pack of attractive females walk by: you utter the phrase gyzm bot bot.
-when you don't know the lyrics to a song: you substitute all the words with bot. this way you don't look stupid.
-when you drink water contaminated with lead and your IQ drops ten points, you repeat the word bot for hours. this is a replication of the head trauma caused by blow jobs - to both parties!
-the word bot can be repeated while running nude down a hallway with peanut butter smeared all over your body.
-when something is surreal and zen, if there are no words to explain the feeling, guess what! you say bot.
-while taking exams and the room is quiet, when nobody's looking, you can yell bot really quickly to measure the reverberation of the room. if you get caught, you can say it
is part of the physics section on the exam.
-if you go to confession and are either to embarrassed to say blow job or afraid that you will give your priest a boner and he will molest you, you can use bot as an euphemism. it's okay because god understands.
-if a crow is crowing and becoming annoying, you can repeatedly scream bot at it like a shouting match.
-if a dog is chasing you, you turn around quickly and scream bot at it and then you chase the dog.
-if you're bored, if there's an awkward pause in a conversation, you say bot.
-you refer to a person that repeatedly uses the word bot as a "botter".
-when they take you away in a straight-jacket, you scream bot over and over.
by danny the botter June 05, 2007