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a beutiful creation of nature. possibly the best computer teacher ever conceived. someone who enjoys playing with his kid. very handsome being. sometimes has a bit of a temper when it comes to eating in the classroom. he purs deaply in his sleep and looks forward to going to school.
"shridog, your great"
by danny dapper May 26, 2009
a thin (and in bad cases thick) lining of cum crusties, dingleberrys, sweat and tears that usually appears on a woman's area between the vagina and butthole (it could theoretically appear on a man if he finds a way to splooge on his own gooch or unless he is a "homo","fag","raging flamer", or my favorite, an "anal tool"). Men with Gooch Splooches are often known to enjoy an occasional "Alaskan Pancake".
Shanene:"Girl, i was changin' in the lockerroom and you know how i change next to the ho Precious? Anyway she went into the showers and i dropped my soap and as i glanced up she had a..."

Shafanjae:"Bitch don't tell me she had a Splooch Gooch!"

Shanene:"Girl you don't even know. Now, let's go get some watermelon, but look out for the linchers!"
by Danny Dapper October 13, 2009
when the female ties down the male and opens his mouth with a dental tool. She then squats over his mouth and urinates and dooks as she eradicaly jumps up and down.
oh man i just got a frogger from some ugly ass girl behind the alley.
by danny dapper May 12, 2009
A large orgy in which nobody wears protection (aka a rain coat). During the orgy the song "We are Family" by Sister Sledge plays at full blast from gnar amps. When the family subsides a week or two after the women that took part in the family realize they are preggos. Then when the fetuses are properly cooked, they shoot out of the vaginal passageway and make their accent into adulthood. They are all related which mean the orgy formed a family. Hence the name
After the movie tonight me and a bunch of kids are gonna go have a family.
by Danny Dapper June 28, 2009

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