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Perhaps the greatest satire of American culture ever.
Mrs. Garrison: "I don't even know how lesbians make love... unless you like, scissors or something."
South Park, April 2007
by Danno Chuchiak April 12, 2007
To be in the state of perpetual ghetto thugishness, despite having millions of dollars. To believe that the system is biased against you, while in reality the system has paid you enough to take care of your family for generations. To continually act foolish, immature, and angry; possess handguns for show; use drugs; spend hundreds of thousands on clothes while your former neighbors get their heat shut off; and basically ignore societies laws and norms, while hard-working middle-class Americans who live paycheck to paycheck find a way to obey the law. To be a 16-year-old angst-ridden thug crybaby in a 24-year-old multi-millionaire body. Termed after Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones.
The potential for millions of dollars and an NFL career wasn't enough for Maurice Clarett, who was Pacman Jonesin' around in his SUV one night when he was pulled over wearing Kevlar body armor and possessing an open bottle of Grey Goose vodka, a hatchet, three semi-automatic 9mm pistols, and a loaded AK-47 variant.
by Danno Chuchiak April 17, 2007
A cooperative movement started by Stringer Bell and Proposition Joe in HBO's The Wire. The New Day Co-op is a loose coalition of drug dealers in Baltimore, MD, who share profits, protection, product, and turf. Stringer and Prop Joe realized that if the gangs stop killing each other over corners and drugs, there will be more money to go around for everyone with less bodies dropping, and thus less police attention.
The New Day Co-op gets the pure stuff from the Greek.
by Danno Chuchiak April 12, 2007
Adj. A pejorative term for an effeminate heterosexual male. Lavender does NOT describe homosexual men; it is solely used to describe straight men who exhibit female qualities.
"Dude, is Craig watching Grey's Anatomy?" "Yeah, he's a little lavender."
by Danno Chuchiak April 17, 2007
Noun. The state of being in denial about one's sexually transmited diseases.
Convincing herself that the bumps were merely razor burn, Susie was in STDenial.
by Danno Chuchiak April 11, 2007
Verb. To be Imused is to be fired or severely punished over something trivial or marginally offensive. First coined when MSNBC and CBS Radio fired the veteran radio talk-show host after he claimed that the Rutger's women's basketball team were a bunch of "nappy-headed ho's". America responded with outrage. Although Imus' words were brazenly racist and stupid, his firing over such a trivial phrase speaks to America's white guilt and intolerance of any slights against minorities, even when spoken facetiously.
Billy was Imused from the varsity team after loudly proclaiming that the opposing team played like a bunch of girls. A female onlooker was offended, and complained to school administrators.
by Danno Chuchiak April 12, 2007
A rare form of male masturbation involving a window sill and a feather. One places their johnson onto the window sill next to an open window, takes hold of the window, and slams it down onto their member; the mash. Then, one runs a feather along the side and head of their jimmy; the tingle. This form of masturbation is not advisable, and requires a window that opens vertically.
I tried to mash and tingle, but I passed out after the mash.
by Danno Chuchiak April 11, 2007
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