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The name of a guy who takes pride in his looks. Spends hours in the mirror to perfect his do, sometimes causing everyone who is waiting for him to be late. He also like to rock out, possibly plays the guitar and/or is in a rock band. 9 times out of 10 speaks another language (italian) and uses this skill to impress women that he is trying to pick up. A Vito is very religious and likes to show this by wearing a rosary around his neck at all times. Likes to match his tee shirt with his blazers that he likes to wear with jeans. Vito's spend hours in the gym trying to perfect...u guessed it the "V's". His childhoold was an interesting one. Likes to physically abuse family members (mostly his sister, and anything he could drill holes into) and would of been def. diagnosed with ADHD back in the day. Loves fire. And soccer will literally bring him to tears. Loves to play dress up (mostly Mexican)and dance around while capturing it all on tape, which will eventually come back to haunt him later in life. All should aspire to be like a Vito, cus living the Vito lifestyle is living the Rock N'Roll lifestyle!!
The Vito is coming over...hide the good china!!!
by daniela bella November 30, 2006

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