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a term used by many modern day hippies to describe anything that is cool or awesome.
Actually overheard at a concert," Heady lizard drink, it's half drank and kinda warm, but it's only three dollars".
by daniel haddad July 21, 2006
any drug addled flewsy that loiters around jam-band concerts in the parking lot mooching goods for the show.
Check out that lotstitute, she's trying to trade a "healing crystal" for a ticket to the show!
by daniel haddad July 21, 2006
A hard-core crack head .{A hubba is a crack rock}.
"Dude, my T.V. is gone, where is L. Ron Hubba"?!?
"Last time i saw him he was on his hands and knees in the living room combing the carpet for rocks. He mistook a piece of cat litter for a hubba"!
by Daniel Haddad October 02, 2006
A lewd sexual act which involves a female giving oral sex. Once the male ejaculates and the female swallows, the male quickly chops the female on the back of the neck, and two seamen "tusks" come out of her nose.
She said she was tired of oral sex, so i livened the night up by slipping her a walrus.
by daniel haddad July 21, 2006
Term once used to describe an old European form of money, now applies to any amount of money today.
Dude, if you want in on the festivities, you better come off some ducats!
by daniel haddad August 02, 2006
The act of discreetly walking by a male friend and puching him in the testicles as hard as you can.
I was in the Sistene Chapel of the Vatican looking at the very painting of God's hand touching Adam's, and my friend whisped through the crowd and gave me a nutter.{true story}
by daniel haddad July 21, 2006

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