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a term used by many modern day hippies to describe anything that is cool or awesome.
Actually overheard at a concert," Heady lizard drink, it's half drank and kinda warm, but it's only three dollars".
by daniel haddad July 21, 2006
any drug addled flewsy that loiters around jam-band concerts in the parking lot mooching goods for the show.
Check out that lotstitute, she's trying to trade a "healing crystal" for a ticket to the show!
by daniel haddad July 21, 2006
The act of discreetly walking by a male friend and puching him in the testicles as hard as you can.
I was in the Sistene Chapel of the Vatican looking at the very painting of God's hand touching Adam's, and my friend whisped through the crowd and gave me a nutter.{true story}
by daniel haddad July 21, 2006
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