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a great song by nirvana
moist vagina is a great song by nirvana
by daniel d October 09, 2005
A cool brand of chocolate in the UK that uses raw cacao. Yum.
I want some Rawr chocolate!
by Daniel D March 13, 2013
i great person who realy never wanted to be remebered, some people think he was murdered and some think he did comment suicide and some think he is still alive. was one of the greatest singers although off tone alot but thats wat made his singing great. was also a great guitarist and as said in the nevermind interview his mom and step dad got i na fight so his mom got all his gun various guns rifles and hand guns and threw em i nthe lake so he hired one of his friends to fish em out and then he sold em for his first guitar then he learned how to play "back in black" by ac/dc and all he learned was the power chords and he never went to a lesson again and he didn't pay the teacher
kurt cobain is a great person he was nice he was often out of tone when singing but that was wat made his singing great.they ruled his death a suicide but there were noumorous clues leading to murder some think courtney killed him but courtney wouldn't have canceled his credit card then kill him so all leads to a murder.
by daniel d October 09, 2005

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