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3 definitions by dan squared

Spending too much time on MSN and not enough time out with friends. People who man the internet believe that it will fall apart if they don't spend all their time monitoring it.
Dan : 'Where's Ed tonight?'
Chris: 'He's at home manning the internet'.
Dan: 'What a looser'.
by dan squared December 06, 2006
Otherwise known as an off-liscense, the big fridge is a place where you can get beer when the pub is closed.
Alex: Where are you going?
Danny: To buy tasty beer
Alex: But it's 9.00am
Danny: Don't worry, the big fridge is open
by dan squared December 09, 2006
To do something embarrasingly bad. The genesis of this term is the former Aston Villa striker Savo Milosevic, who couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo.
Barmaid: Here's your beer sir (accidentally drops beer)
Group of Blokes (chanting): SAVO! SAVO! SAVO!
by dan squared December 06, 2006