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Noun A papper is like a paper but with some exceptions. One does not read a papper before turning it in, pappers are written the morning there due even if its 7 pages long, pappers some times but not always use wikipedia as a source. Essentially a papper is a abortion of a college paper that you know will be bad but you turn in any ways cause you just want it out of the way/don’t think the teacher will read it carefully.
Dan: man its 2AM I should start my paper
Joseph: don’t you mean its time to write a papper.
Dan: shut your mouth I got 10 hours before class that’s plenty of time to write a good paper.
Joseph: yea and the last time you tried that it was a papper.
Dan: what ever pappers still get me a C and that’s good enough.
by dan christ April 19, 2007
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