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Someone who refuses to play by the rules. he/she isn't scared to cross the line of conformity. but their unorthodox tactics get results!
you want to watch out for that guy, he dosen't play by the rules-he's a maverick
by dan and ben November 22, 2003
one who does not think through or foresee the consequences of an action, with disaterous results.
your sucha wizard.
by dan and ben February 09, 2003
(adj) to be astoundingly pissed (for our american friends 'drunk')
drunk!? i was absolutely rumshoed!
by dan and ben February 09, 2003
an exclamation of approval at the sedative medicinal properties of marajuania.
person 1:how was that?
person 2:Chong!(intonation of a bell gong)
by dan and ben February 09, 2003
a person who obliviously excels in stupidity to their own detriment.
a person who when ordering a bottle of shag lager will highlight the word shag in any number of 'amusing' quips. eg 'could i have a shag please barmaid' or 'if i have a shag will you have it with me'- What a Pooner!
by dan and ben February 09, 2003
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