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a tight white brief and flattering underwear style preferred by me and other heterosexual men. although often ridiculed they also have been know to arouse the opposite sex do to the visibility of the wearers genitals. A complementary part of my wardrobe and conveniently sold in a pack inexpensive at retailers such as target and wal-mart. Briefs are a popular style of mens underwear commonly white and made by fruit of the loom, hanes and other brands.
Girl: "you wear tighty whites?"
Guy: "yea i prefer them to boxers"

Girl: Do you like boxers or briefs?
Guy: mostly briefs

Girl: can you get for me?

Guy: sure (reaches to high shelf as shirt goes up revealing white waistband)
Girl: tighty whities? oooh fruit of the loom thats a good choice :)
by damnit cut April 19, 2011

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