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6 definitions by damaniak

when someone unexpectedly and suddenly abuses you racially especially in a public place.
I was a victim of a random act of racism on the train today.
by damaniak September 02, 2012
When your GPS has a breakdown in it's functions and navigate you to a random address other than where you want to go.It always happen when you're late or already pissed off.
The word ConFuckTion comes from CONFUSED FUCKED UP NAVIGATION.
Boy I had another Satellite Confucktion and was late for my appointment.One more Satellite Confucktion and I swear I'm gonna toss this GPS out the window.
by damaniak May 31, 2010
when someone thinks they found romance but in actual fact they've dangerously fallen in love with the wrong person.that person that will most likely take advantage of them or break their heart.
Sandra Bullock been wrongmanced bad dude.everyone knew right from the start her husband was foul.

she's really into that player,bro that's straight up wrongmance.
by damaniak March 29, 2010
modern technology especially the more sophisticated gadgets as perceived by those who struggle to figure them out.as the word suggests it gives them a headache.
please save grandma from headachenology by scanning and emailing those documents for her.there is no point in asking mom to install programes on the PC,it's nothing but headachenology for her.
by damaniak May 06, 2010
when a facebook friend starts isolating themselves, ignoring friend requests blockin access to photos, not replying to messages, hiding most information and all together stops updating their status.defeating the purpose of being on facebook completely.
Britney is displaying signs of missin' the point syndrome.someone please remind her what social networking is all about.
by damaniak June 24, 2011
the tattoo you place over the scar left when your appendix was removed in order to cover it up.
your appenditat's off the hook dawg,can't notice the scar at all.
by damaniak February 11, 2010