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Of low social standing, riff-raff, loser,

Posh word for a pikey
Step out of my way, plebian, I own you and your (false) treasure.

Gadzooks. Look at them damned plebians, Quite a blot on our landscape what. And we're paying for their sodding burberry with our taxes. Fetch the flamethrowers at once Jeeves, Lets eradicate this problem now. Tally Ho old boy.
by daily mail reader (obviously) October 30, 2004
Collection of paraphernalia used for the smoking of cannabis, e.g rizlas, roach, bag of weed, pipe screens and herb grinder. Usually kept in a baccy tin with some freaky magic mushroom based design on the front
Hey dude, skin up
....oh fuck I can't I forgot my hippie kit
by daily mail reader (obviously) October 31, 2004
Osama bin laden.
Any man of mohammedian descent who wishes ill on 'infidels' and urges other followers of islam to destroy (turbanate) the western society
At least the hook handed turbanator is rotting in Belmarsh. Shit all hope of catching the real Turbanator though
by daily mail reader (obviously) November 19, 2004

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