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60 definitions by dagrolord

A knobstacle is a person who maliciously obstructs or otherwise prevents you from the reasonable transaction of legitimate business.
"I asked the customer service girl to transfer me to her supervisor, right? Huge mistake! Her supervisor ended up being a ginormous knobstacle who gleefully refused to refund my over-limit charge even though he could see that the merchant had refunded me $29.95 from the accidental overcharge that put me $4.95 over-limit in the first place!"
by Dagrolord November 12, 2009
Defacebooking is sabotage of a friend’s Facebook ‘Wall’. Typical examples of defacebooking include outing the friend as a pedophile, a truant, a stealer of office supplies, a backstabber of BFFs, or a closet Mormon.
I had to un-friend Jeremy for defacebooking me! He ratted me out on my Wall for trying to poach Chase’s not quite-eighteen year old sister at Chase's party. Jeremy waited til I had just started my shift, and when I logged back on my Wall was like totally covered in flames.
by Dagrolord February 03, 2010
The opposite of euphemism- an unfortunate or unpleasant term used where a much nicer one would easily work. Also: disphemism.
Ever notice how Clark is prone to dysphemism? How Clark calls Clarice 'fat' when 'curvy' would work or how he calls Jason a dwarf even though 'short' would be more accurate.
by Dagrolord October 08, 2005
A woman with breasts so outrageously large, she appears to be smuggling pumpkins beneath her blouse.
Jeremy:"Check out the chick in produce, Dude! Total pumpkin smuggler!"

Jeremiah:"Dayum! Somebody inventory the pumpkins! Security!"
by Dagrolord August 24, 2011
bacon gliders


Protuberant or hanging labia minora that can hang far below the labia majora. 'Bacon' because these wrinkled fleshly lips bear a striking resemblence to bacon strips and 'gliders' because they often strongly recall the outstretched patagium, or furry parachute-like membrane of the flying squirel in mid-glide. Madonna helped sear the image of bacon gliders into popular imagination when a notorious circa 1979 black and white nude of her sold at Christie's for $37,500. To the general horror of the public, Madonna's labia minora flaps hung out several inches from her body. Bacon gliders can fortunately be removed in a cosmetic procedure called labiaplasty. Some have suggested that the mysterious and highly unflattering bulge we often see in Lady Gaga's panties is in fact folded bacon gliders.
Although Emma had an otherwise gorgeous body, she was morbidly ashamed of her bacon gliders and swore me to never reveal her secret.
by Dagrolord February 22, 2010
The style and/or trappings of the über-metrosexual or modern fop. 'Fopulence' includes designer clothing, skin and hair care products, 20+ pair of shoes (preferably Gucci or Prada), a gourmet kitchen, and the generally refined taste that vastly prefers Kristen Bell's fine High Caucasian ass to Kim Kardashian's ghastly ghetto monstrosity.
Bradley appeared fashionably late for the wine-tasting, as always perfectly groomed and exuding elegant fopulence
by Dagrolord September 17, 2011
A chatastrophe is any typically sudden, disastrous event that occurs during online chat- whether in chat rooms or private messaging.
Room Two was noted as a peaceable room of cozy fellowship chat amongst civilized habitués. After Room One experienced the chatastrophe of a vengeful bot-loading booter, Room One chatters jumped ship and found their way over to Room Two like so many flotsam-borne rats. This sat uneasily upon the regulars of Two, as the Oners were a virtual rogues gallery of the more virulent personality disorders. In their turn, the Room Two chatters regarded the influx of Oners as a chatastrophe.
by Dagrolord February 13, 2010