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A pop punk band that hailed from Indiana. They started off punk with the album Anywhere But Here, but then moved toward mainstream. Most noted for their heartfelt lyrics about girls, they moved more mainstream with So Long Astoria in 2005. They lost that 'punk' attitude, and "matured", but after many changes they pretty much lost if not all, most of their earlier fans (especially with the new album 'welcome the night'). Since then the ataris have never been the same, however it's been stated that they are trying to go back to playing their older stuff.
The Ataris were at their best with the album Blue Skies Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits and End is Forever.

guy 1: Are you gonna see the ataris next week?
guy 2: Nah, they're mainstream now with the song boys of summer.
guy 1: True, but they lost pretty much all their fans and they're trying to go back to their roots.
guy 2: sweet! I hope they close with san dimas highschool football rules!
guy 1: yea! i'm gonna ask kris if i could play it.
by da mannnnn November 22, 2007

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