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5 definitions by da duckster

1337 Kelvin, the melting point of gold.
that's right kids, gold is 1337!
by da duckster August 24, 2006
defn 1 does a good job, but
see cockthrottler
omfg, it's wamwam da cockthrottler!!!!1
by da duckster April 15, 2005
water, imbibed copiously when drunk on spirits in hopes of not getting hung over
Apan: dude, i'm so wasted. pass me the sober sauce.
LOVEMASTER: chug! chug!
by da duckster February 14, 2006
wherever you are when you start drunk dialing people
This is Cheeds and the LOVEMASTER comin at you from drunk dial central in Yorba Linda, California.
by da duckster December 28, 2007
its the smiley thing with balls next to it. My response to people who use smileys too much.

:D8 = go balls deep!!
comes from:

:D <===8
DJ Apan: so like i was getting drunk
DJ Apan: and then...something
DJ Apan: :D
LOVEMASTER: you stoner
by da duckster December 04, 2005