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1. A person who routinely takes one for the team and jumps on the grenade
Man, Ben is such a grenadier, especially when we get him a little drunk. He'll use any excuse to bang an ugly girl.
by da champ August 17, 2005
1. North Carolina School of Science and Math; Hell

2. A place for immature losers to hook up with and have relationships with people way out of their league

3. A school which will ruin your life if you attend it and have any type of social prowess; you may even get a reputation as a grenadier when you go home because of lowered standards
That meeting was boring and hot as hell. It was like NCSSM. Oh wait nothing could be that bad.

"Jesus, how did that girl ever get with that guy."
"They are both grads of NCSSM c/o '05. He must've been desperate. Poor guy."

Man, ever since Bob went to NCSSM he jumps on every grenade for us. He better get his shit together before he goes to college.
by da champ August 17, 2005
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