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The capital of the United States. D.C. is known for it's government buildings and rich parts in Northwest, DA HOOD in Southeast (especially in Anacostia and Washington Highlands), the middle class yet quasi-hood of Northeast and Southwest, and the Potomac River which is a great place to take a bath in. Despite what some people may say, D.C. is *NOT* the south, culturally speaking D.C. is about as southern as Wisconsin. People in D.C. have a Canadian sounding accent like they do in Wisconsin too. To the north of D.C. is Maryland aka Crabland and south of D.C. is good ole Virginny, aka no-mans land.
Anyone who thinks that Washington, DC is the south is an idiot. Culturally speaking D.C. is far more like Canada than the south. The accent spoken in D.C. is the same accent that's spoken in Wisconsin. Our Nation's Capital may be under the Mason-Dixon line, but hey, that line was drawn back IN THE 1700's, so it's outdated. But go one hour south of D.C. and you will be in the south, believe you me.
by Da Wizard Of OZ June 05, 2009
The operating system designed by Bill Cosby and released in late 2008. This operating system is Unix based and it is distributed by CosbySoft. Bill Cosby has been a computer programmer ever since he started to eat Jell-o pudding.
CosbyOS is a great operating system, it's faster and more stable than Windows and Linux and you can play lots of cool games on it like SimTaco. The only thing that sucks about CosbyOS is that you have to make Bill Cosby Jell-o pudding every 5 minutes when you use it.
by Da Wizard Of OZ June 03, 2009
A Mike Tyson Sandwich is a Sandwich that's loaded with breaded deep fried chunks of Ribeye Steak, lettuce, tomato, onions, bacon, melted swiss cheese, and dijon mustard all served on a toasted Sub Roll that is at least 12" long. It was reportedly invented at Sam's Tavern in Lansing, Michigan. It's supposedly called the "Mike Tyson" Sandwich, because due to it's Fried Steak, Bacon, and Cheese combo, it will knock your heart the fuck out, much like Mike Tyson would.
When I had a Mike Tyson Sandwich in Canada....I mean, Michigan, it was like this:

I had a four foot long "Mike Tyson" Sandwich at Sam's Tavern in Lansing, Michigan and about 10 minutes afterwards I had nuclear diarrhea in the toilet that stunk like a open sewer line
by Da Wizard Of OZ November 22, 2009
A small town in Vermont on the U.S.-Canada border. This small New England hamlet is full of French Canadians due to it being right next to Quebec. There are also lots of weed smoking skater punks and hippies here too. People here speak with a thick Canadian accent, although it's not French Canadian, just regular Canadian for some reason.
<Person From Derby Line> Did ya know dat we're only a half mile from Quebec der, EH?
<Person From Quebec> Pourquoi es stupide Vermont a cote de notre belle terre de Quebec?!?
<Person From Derby Line> Ya know, I don't GAHT oohny idear what ya just said, but alright *walks 10 feet north to get to Canada*
by Da Wizard Of OZ July 02, 2009
A variation of the Burrito that was invented in Philadelphia and is very popular in the Philadelphia area.

How a Philly Burrito is made: A Person is took and shot in the head multiple times with a Gun, then the Dead Body of the Person is taken and put into a Large Sleeping Bag and then Bricks are placed in the Sleeping Bag then the Sleeping Bag is Superglued up and thrown into a River where it will sink to the Bottom of the River and Never found by anybody.
The Philly Burrito is the most delicious thing invented since the Philadelphia Cheesesteak. The only thing that sucks about Philly Burritos is, you can't eat them, unless you like polyester and wet, dead human flesh.
by Da Wizard Of OZ November 29, 2009
A street gang from Washington, DC that is known to smear Dogshit all over people's cars. They also beat people up and they sell tires to Chinese people in Maryland. "Dewgshit" is Dogshit said in a D.C. accent by the way, so hence the name "DewgShit Boyz".
I got jumped by one of those DewgShit Boyz yesterday!
by Da Wizard Of OZ June 12, 2009
To call up a random business or person that you found in the phone book on the phone and then once the person answers the phone you don't say anything and you wait until the person on the other line hangs up.
An example of Ring Rong Bitch:

You: *Calls up Bob's Auto Shop*
Bob: "Bob's Auto Shop, How may I help you?"
You: *Silence*
Bob: "Hello?"
You: *Silence*
by Da Wizard Of OZ October 27, 2009

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