13 definitions by da booze man

A super kickass song by AC/DC
i listened to the razors edge for hours and never get tired of hearing it.
by da booze man August 13, 2006
worthy of giving you head, kind of like fuckable but with a blowjob instead of sex.
kate has a big nose, but she is still dome worthy.
by da booze man December 02, 2008
'der heist' is the name given to any badass theft of liquor from your local supermarket by college students. the first of such was done in 2008.

as english as the word "heist" actually is, 'der heist' is usually said in a heavy german accent.
toomy: man, we're outa beer nigga!!!1one!!1
loomy: lets go on DER HEIST.
by da booze man February 28, 2008
something that doesn't exist anymore. it sucks.
there are no hot girls in the world anymore. :`(
by da booze man September 03, 2006
what you call a girl when they piss you off/make u frustrated. used in jest, very slightly sexist.

PLEASE, shut yer mouth woman!!!
by da booze man November 26, 2006
300 is a racist movie with absolutely no historical basis, it is widely believed that the Spartans won the battle of thermopylae, but in reality, all they did was hold off the Persians for less than 3 days before every single one was killed. the Persians in the movie are played by black men, but in reality, Persians are whiter than Greeks.

the best approximation of forces
Greece: 300 Spartans + 5000 other greek soldiers
Persia: ~20,000 immortals + 2000-2500 fodder conscript soldiers.

Persia: ~3000
Greece: 5000
as you can see, the Persians owned the Greeks at thermopylae, but the idiot Hollywood directors once again make the Persians look like animals.

300 sucked, don't go see it.
by da booze man January 24, 2007

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