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1 definition by dArK cHoCoLaTe ; )

When you go online to a free anyomous chat room and attempt to piss others off by being completly absurd. The chat starts off with you connecting to a complete stranger. Thinking that you got this with no problem, you begin a conversation striking up common small talk. You believe the stanger is a female. Slowly you start to introduce explict themes. Normally revolving around sex. the conversation quickly blooms into a cyber session. Within minutes highly detailed words are flying back and forth across the screen. Finally its time to deliver the final blow and destory the stanger. But before you can, the stranger revels that he is a 14 yr old guy, tells you that your a complete fag for hitting on him, and then thanks you for getting him off. He then quickly disconnects, and you've been cyber-raped.
Theres a loud comotion in the room next door.
Mike and his friends talking to people online.

Tyler: what is going on guys?

Mike: Dude i just got cyber-raped!
by dArK cHoCoLaTe ; ) October 14, 2009
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