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Rammstein vocalist and all round pyromaniac. Has a tendency to come on stage with a flamethrower and performs certain songs whilst on fire.
"Till Lindemann ist ein pyromaniac."
by D.E March 18, 2004
The best car manufacture on Earth. German precision engineering and total kick ass power. The 911 Turbo is and always will be one of the greatest cars ever.
Porsche also manufactured German tank turrets during WWII. The Pzkpfw VI King Tiger used a Porsche turret.
"The Porsche 911 Turbo kicks all other cars asses."

"Stuttgart Power!"
by D.E March 19, 2004
The favourite term of all Lebs and Leb-wannabes. Usually followed by sounds that closely resemble that of a coffee grinder. Most of the time is said in an aggressive manner whether it is intended to be so or not. Although not quite known, its meaning is said to be similar to when a male gorilla beats his chest. Therefore it can be used as both a form of acknowledgement and a warning.
"Lets go to Bankstown!"

"Fully Sick Bro!"

"Hey Habib, ur a stupid fuck!"

"Fully Sick Bro!"
by D.E March 18, 2004
Howard Dean Syndrome, or HDS, usually occurs due to a crushing defeat in a situation that you were previously thought to have won with a landslide victory. HDS involves the subject screaming, shouting and generally acting like a crazy person which scares all nearby people and damages the subjects profile beyond repair.
Named after former presidential candidate and former Vermont governor Howard Dean.
"We're going to California, and Texas and New York. Then we're going to Washington D.C to take back the White House!. Yeeeaaaaargh!"
by D.E March 18, 2004
Urban Monkey Warfare occurs when a large number of crazy, possibly diseased, monkeys invade an urban area and proceed to systematically attack the human population. The humans in turn have no choice but to defend themselves, and the army is called in, turning the urban areas into large battlezones. The biggest ever Urban Monkey War was fought in Minto, NSW. The humans ultimately won, but both sides sustained heavy losses.

Urban Monkey Warfare is also the title of a song by KMFDM.
"If you see a large number of crazy monkeys near your house, prepare for Urban Monkey Warfare!"
by D.E March 18, 2004
The name given to the crazy dance performed by Rammstein keyboardist "Flake" during Weisses Fleisch. Consists of almost out of control movements that somewhat resemble a person caught on a giant frying pan. Nonetheless its hilarious to watch.
"Only Flake can do the Flake-dance!"
by D.E March 18, 2004
The pointless murder of innocent animals in the name of science. Not only are helpess animals killed and wasted so is a huge amount of money that could be put to better use. Groups like the A.L.F, E.L.F and PETA fight strongly against Animal Testing aswell as other animal rights issues.
"Animal testing is scientific fraud"

"Fuck the white coats"
by D.E March 17, 2004
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