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30 definitions by d. rodriguez

The effect on you after you brush your teeth, and food and drinks taste disgusting.
Can we eat as soon as my toothpaste hangover goes away?
by D. Rodriguez July 02, 2011
A cliche originating in the United States, it is most commonly used during a moment of silence, typically to lighten up the mood or just grab someone's attention (with total and utter randomness).
(Two people are sitting on the couch and not socializing with each other whatsoever.)

Person 1: I like pie!
Person 2: Me too.
by D. Rodriguez December 27, 2011
The past tense of shit.
He shat on the floor.
by D. Rodriguez February 06, 2011
By far, the best full-size truck there is known to man.
Just like the now retired Ford Excursion, the Ford F-Series Super Duty comes with a standard V8 engine and a 6.8-liter V10 on the F-450 and F-550.
by D. Rodriguez October 30, 2010
A sex act involving a girl, a guy and a trampoline. The girl lays on the ground doggie style and the guy jumps off the trampoline. In midair, he, possibly successfully, places his cock in the girl's pussy.
Let's eagle talon her!
by D. Rodriguez December 02, 2010
The funniest single Bruno Mars has ever written.
I'm gonna kick my feet up, then stare at the fan/Turn the TV on/throw my hand in my pants

(Another part)

I'll just strut in my birthday suit, and let everything hang loose...

(The Lazy Song)
by D. Rodriguez June 16, 2011
Like a swordfight, but using your penis to attack your opponent.
They had a cockfight.
by D. Rodriguez February 05, 2011