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a term used soemwhat disparagingly by leather queens to describe non-leather wearing homosexuals. Behaviors: tend to go to moderately priced restaurants not specifically tagetted at gay clientele and tend to work in fields that require intercourse (non-sexual, of course) with heterosexuals
After dinner in the suburbs, Paul discarded the sweater queen outfit and put on a white t-shirt and worn jeans, then headed to the City.
by d maxwell May 31, 2006
1. a male homosexual in a woman's body.
2. An apparently straight woman of low sex drive who subconciously desires to be a gay man. Rarely does the deep seated fantasy to be a gay man reach the concious level but is generally manifested as non-sexual intimacy with a homosexual male partner. Rarely, if ever, do fag hags pursue gender re-assignement surgery as to do so would fulfill the fantasy; and an integral part of the fag hag identity is the frustration inherent in her fantasy. And to do so would create the assumed requirement of sexual intimacy with a gay man.
Generally, but not always, used disparagingly
The fag hag anticipated going on the vacation and having Jeff all to herself away from the distraction of all his gay beddies.
by d maxwell June 01, 2006

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