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A little fish thing thats a goon.
"That goldie punched that man in the face."
by d e e p z August 21, 2011
A person who brings other people down with them.
"I got snitched on by Larry what a fucking crab"
by d e e p z August 22, 2011
Too bait or wild around police.To obvious around proper authorities.Doing anysort of crime infront of people or cameras when you could get caught for doing it.Too motivated by anger to stay on point.
"This man stole the thing right infront of these people, hes a fucking hot head"

"These guys were starting to fight right infront of the police station, what hot heads"

"This guy was so angry he punched the man and the police were standing right there, fucking hot heads these days"
by d e e p z August 21, 2011

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