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19 definitions by d arps

The actual meaning whether u like it or not--A game where a group of guys jack off in a circle, where a cracker is placed in the middle. The last guy to blow there load on the cracker, must eat it with all the sperm on it. Therefore the biscuit is limp cuz of the sperm. Also a band name led by Fred Durst.
Holy Shit Dude its time for some limp bizkit eatin.
by D Arps September 16, 2006
1149 315
To find a girl very attractive, under the age of 18.Then to have sexual intercourse with that girl, would send you to prison.
So do you think its worth jail time to bang a hot chick (jail bait) under 18?
by D Arps October 04, 2007
247 88
A mother who smokes crack while having a kid, when the kid is born it will be a crack baby/retarded or have problems,or may luckily be smart.
Yo mama smoked a lot of crack when use wuz born, u crack baby.
by D Arps September 12, 2006
238 109
A good quote from Trailer Park Boys tv show. When something doesn't exactly go the way you wanted and leaves you disappointed.
Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't. Fuckin way she goes boys, fuckin way she goes...
by D Arps May 03, 2008
133 19
It is what it is, a broke ass, which means u got no money u broke ass mafucka.
You look like a broke ass Ice T!
by D Arps September 29, 2006
123 16
A black guy acting like a white guy, or hangs out with only white people, or maybe even has a white ass but is black.
That cracka ass nigga is bein a lil bitch, hangin wit doze crackas.
by D Arps September 11, 2006
90 15
To suck up to someone.Also known as brown nosin.Or to actually kiss someones ass.
Holy Shit dude get ready for some serious ass kissing.
by D Arps September 16, 2006
82 21