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The only musical instrument that can be sorted into the strings or percussion group.
And also the reason why I can't play in an orchestra (unless by invitation). They can't decide whether to put this damn thing into the strings or the percussion.
by Cyndane January 14, 2005
Final Fantasy 6's villain. More insane than FF7's villain, Sephiroth.
He hates hates hates hates hates hates hates hates HATES you.
by Cyndane January 17, 2005
Unlike the negative definitions sent in under the word look up of 'Metal', Nightwish isn't about "someone being tortured and beaten, and the sound of people stomping on small animals."

They combined something unique. Symphonic, classical music and opera combined with parts of power metal.

Okay, so the "Ocean soul" part has been overdone a bit, and so is the sea motif put in almost every song. But Nightwish is still a good band. That's just Tuomas thinks. His thoughts are in a "Sea of Thoughts", and writes them down and turns it into a song.
Maybe Tuomas should think more than just the ocean?
by Cyndane March 04, 2005
The opposite of the Confederate States of America.
Now I feel half ashamed of living here.
by Cyndane March 06, 2005
What I do during my freetime.
Hm...I'll work on my project later...and stick my face on my glowing computer screen...
by Cyndane January 17, 2005
43rd president of the United States, now on his 2nd term. 2000-2008 A.D.

Has done some good stuff on the economy, but what about our political freedoms and civil rights?

What about the U.S. Constitution!?!?
George W. Bush,

There's a reason why our founding fathers signed and established the Constitution!

To hell with the Patriot Act!
by Cyndane October 05, 2005
The North Americans, South Americans, Caucasian Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, etc.
It's a mixed land of different ethnic backgrounds and such.
by Cyndane March 19, 2005

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