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'Fattention seeking' is an attention seeker on Facebook who posts up a status telling the world how they feel if they are ill, upset, angry or hurt because no one, in the real world really cares about them so they have to post it in hope that someone online would and when someone actually gives a shit, they give a pointless reply and you're like thinking why did they bother posting it up?
Girl 1: " FFS!"

Girl 2: "you alright hun?"

Girl 1: "Yeah I'm Ok"

Girl 2: " were you Fattention seeking?"

Girl 1: "How dare you bitch about me"

Girl 3: "inbox me!!"

Girl 1: "it's alright now"

Girl 2: " you're such a fattention seeker"
by cuz x3 November 09, 2011

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