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A small state located in the mid atlantic. Known for its high drug use, Delaware (especially New Castle) is every crackwhores paradise. Upper Delaware is also known for its large number of catholic/ private high schools such as St. Marks (where the coolest sluts go), Sallies (where the coolest fags go) Ursuline and Padua (the drama capitol of the nation) and Tatnal and tower hill (where the rich drug addicts go) Southern Delaware is hicksville besides the eastern section where the beaches are located. Dewey- party city, Rehobeth- rich gay city, Bethany- laguna of delaware, and fenwick island- the mile long 2 block wide city thats surrounded by tons of water and borders Ocean city MD where the party scene is. A typical day in a delawareian's life would be to wake up, go to their private school, pick up some drugs, throw a banger at their oblivious parent's beach mansion.
Oh darn. just smoked my last joint. lets go to New Castle, Delaware and pick up some more =D!!!
by cutie pie September 01, 2007

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