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74 definitions by curtis x meyer

Anal sex; A subtle jab at the Official Scrabble Dictionary's homophobic definition of "Sodomy" as "unnatural sex."
Why don't we put away the boardgames and go play Scrabble?
by curtis X Meyer November 20, 2010
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In slam poetry, the strategy of overwhelming your opposing team with group-pieces, allowing individuals poets to take stage multiple times, thus creating bias and favoritism from the judges' end towards particualr poets; name comes from the Full-Court Press used in basketball.
Man, Team Albuquerque used The Press to bring up their best poet three times and it was over.
by Curtis X Meyer November 20, 2010
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The opposite of the prefixes “a-” and “for(e).”


Ehead / Eward – Backwards. (The opposite of “ahead” and “forward.”)

Eway – A close distance or direction. (Opposite of “far” and “away.”)

Eshadowing – Looking at events that have transpired in attempt to make sense of them (Opposite of “Foreshadowing.” )

Eloof - To be grounded. (Opposite of “aloof”.)

Eboding - A feeling that only good things can come. (Opposite of “foreboding.”)

Eproximate – 1. To be completely opposite. 2. To separate by distance or difference. (Opposite of “approximate.”)
Uses of E – (as a prefix):

E – (as a prefix): "This job is nothing but two steps forward, one step ehead."

E – (as a prefix): "My dear, come eway so that I may examine you."

E – (as a prefix): "Blaming Marilyn Manson for the shooting at Columbine High School and the US / Afghani relations on the events of 9-11 are cases of dramatic eshadowing."

E – (as a prefix): "As a workaholic, she has absolutely no time in her life to be anything short of completely eloof."

E – (as a prefix): "An optimist must always carry with him an invincible sense of eboding."
by curtis x meyer November 08, 2010
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An event or contest where one must prove their masculinity. (A portmanteau of "swagger" and "quagmire.")
The Superbowl party proved quite the swagmire for the members of the chess team.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
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An opposing style; a portmanteau of "swagger" and "antithesis."
The Beastie Boys and Scarface are both significant Hip-hop artists, but they possess a great swagtithesis.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
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Pinnacle brand vodka - whipped cream flavor mixed with Crush, or in the absence of Crush, Sprite mixed with orange juice.
The punchbowl was filled with liquid creamsicle.
by Curtis X Meyer November 10, 2010
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In inform oneself; To conduct research.
"What do you mean you don't own Blonde on Blonde? You need to nerd up on your Dylan."
by Curtis X Meyer November 10, 2010
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