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74 definitions by curtis x meyer

The crowning achievement in an artist's body of work; Comes from combining "swagger" and "magnum opus."
The Blueprint was Jay-Z's swagnum opus.
by curtis x meyer November 08, 2010
To move backwards; The opposite of "ahead."
Just when I thought I was getting somewhere in our relationship, things began to move ehead.
by curtis x meyer September 17, 2010
The rights to boast of one's swagger; a portmanteau of "swagger" and "bragging rights."
With his newest album, Kanye proved he had swagging rights.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
Brotherly love; synonymous with "bromance" (Also spelled" "bruv")
I brove you man.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
To gel or come into fruition; a portmanteau of "swagger" and "coagulate."
With this hat and this cane, this outfit is really starting to coswagulate.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
The study of world fashion; a portmanteau of "swagger" and "-ography"
Swagography tells us that Hip-Hop culture has had significant impact in Japan.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
Anal sex; A subtle jab at the Official Scrabble Dictionary's homophobic definition of "Sodomy" as "unnatural sex."
Why don't we put away the boardgames and go play Scrabble?
by curtis X Meyer November 20, 2010