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(Pronounced either as individual letters or "hicket")

A warning; An abbreviation of "Here Comes Trouble."
Don't look now man, but speaking of your ex... HCT.
by Curtis X Meyer December 06, 2010
An exceptional piece of work; a portmanteau of "smash" and "masterpiece."
That new Nelly Furtado song is an absolute smashterpiece.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
A derogatory term for Canadians.
How could you go to that hockey game with all those snow niggers?
by Curtis X Meyer November 10, 2010
(A portmanteau of "swagger" and "agriculture.")

1) A culture possessing swagger.

2) The art of implementing swagger into a culture.
By showing the nerds at the comic con how to pick up Anime girls, I was doing my part in advancing the practice of swagriculture.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
Internal rhythm or routine; inspired by the expression "P's and Q's," it refers to the three letters used by beatboxers to produce the sounds of bass, snare, and kick drums.
Be sure to mind your BTK's and stay away from my girl.
by Curtis X Meyer December 08, 2010
A condition of uncontrollable sneezing.
I've been battling the sniffs all day - I hope I don't have a cold.
by Curtis X Meyer December 08, 2010
What a woman has when she's on her period.
Not tonight honey - I've got the bleeds.
by Curtis X Meyer December 08, 2010

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