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A derogatory term for a woman who is both promiscuous and socially unagreeable; a portmanteau of "slut" and "cunt."
Personally, I think Samantha from Sex and the City is a total slunt.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
(alternatively spelled "wunth")

1) A time period of three weeks; longer than a fortnight, but less than a month.

2) A strenuous week that goes on so long, it feels like a month.
My girlfriend's been on her period, for like a wonth now.
by Curtis X Meyer November 21, 2010
A nickname for shrimp.
I know a great sushi places that serves both chicken and bacon of the sea.
by curtis X Meyer November 13, 2010
Describes something with immense swagger; a portmanteau of "swagger" and "enormous." (See also: "Swagnormity.")
Jay-Z's reign has been nothing short of swagnormous.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
Popsicle sticks
I made a to-scale version of our housing made out of ice cream bones.
by Curtis X meyer December 08, 2010
(Pronounced either as individual letters or "hicket")

A warning; An abbreviation of "Here Comes Trouble."
Don't look now man, but speaking of your ex... HCT.
by Curtis X Meyer December 06, 2010
An exceptional piece of work; a portmanteau of "smash" and "masterpiece."
That new Nelly Furtado song is an absolute smashterpiece.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010

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