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Behavior that boasts of one's swagger; a portmanteau of "swagger" and "braggadocio." (See also: "swaggart" and "swaggadocious.")
Kanye was excelling in his displays of swaggadocio.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
(A portmanteau of "whore" and "vortex.")

1) A group of trashy women.

2) A place that in inhabited by multitudes of trashy women, such as a club or strip-bar.
There's no such thing as a cerebral whortex.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
Describes the use of swagger in regards to noble or charitable choice or display; a portmanteau of "swagger" and "magnaminous."
Giving water pumps to impoverished villages in Africa was swagnaminous on Jay-Z's part, as were Mystery's efforts in teaching fledgling pick-up artists.
by curtis x meyer December 10, 2010
An assessment of one's swagger; a portmanteau of "swagger" and "diagnosis."
Your theory on Members Only jackets does not concur with my swagnosis.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
The person that sings the chorus of a rap song; Can be male or female.

Similarly, the verb "hook" can be derogatory when applied to hook bitches, implying that a hook bitch is sleeping with the rapper or rappers she or he is singing with, possibly to advance her or his own career.
Ashanti, John Legend, and Alicia Keys are okay, but my all time favorite hook bitch is Mary J. Blige.

Ashanti only got with Nelly because she hooked for him.

I hear Rihanna's hooking on the new Jay-Z song.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
(alternatively spelled "wunth")

1) A time period of three weeks; longer than a fortnight, but less than a month.

2) A strenuous week that goes on so long, it feels like a month.
My girlfriend's been on her period, for like a wonth now.
by Curtis X Meyer November 21, 2010
A hero or anti-hero possessing immense swagger; a portmanteau of "swagger" and "protagonist"
Scarface is a great proswagonist.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010

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