3 definitions by cuntmuffin

The act of loving one vagina, and only one vagina.
Toby; 'Hey Martin, get on that man!'
Martin; 'Na I'm a monovagina. I only like one vagina, Abbie's'
Toby; 'Dude, she's butterz'
by CUNTMUFFIN February 10, 2014
Doing a dowell is the simple task of snapchatting a girl and getting no where with it. The subject is normally prone to asking about underwear colours.
Toby; Hey Scott, how's it going with Tate?
Scott; Not too good. Doing a dowell.
Toby; I feel for you man.
by CUNTMUFFIN February 12, 2014
twat waffle
dont be an amy suh
by cuntmuffin October 03, 2012

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