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4 definitions by cum aid123

is when you stick you're index and middle fingers up you're annal cavity and thrust the two fingers in an upward motion to create a magnificent orgasm or its just fingering you're butt whole
Dude, I think that guy is trying to fongure himself
by cum aid123 May 01, 2011
The act of cuming in a cup then putting kool aid powder mix in it then have the girl drink it all.
Hay john last night i made a girl drink my cum aid.
by cum aid123 May 01, 2011
the act of sticking your head in a already pooped in toliet while your your girlfriend or boyfriend gives you a rim job.
I just got a plumbers dream from my girlfriends
by cum aid123 March 26, 2011
the act of putting a penis on the womens eye and rubbing it around until the man ejaculates. after that the man then farts in the womens cum eye to create a blurry excruciating sensation on the womens eye
The Texas Eye Injection is more fun than it sounds. Its even better than watching a unicorn and a t-rex giving each other head.
by cum aid123 March 26, 2011