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all of the above... quite possibly the most obnoxious breed of person on the face of it? background considered. i believe there's kids in the congo high on charlie toting AK47s with better etiquette than these ~ the white-trash dublin skanger. an unsuspecting subject of mirth in public, they are often seen shamelessly out and about be it beating up bus-stops to riding a bike in 5th gear with knees jutting out scoping out properties and cars thinking looking like theyre plotting a crime makes them appear to be occupied or in some way employed. i'm not; thus writing this. there's nothing there; theyre vacant. - questions about the ratio of skanger to normal person ratio.. indeed such is the high no. for nigh on 2 decades that unsuspecting people seem to have taken them to be the "norm" ..generally this unfortunate breed of said Lifestyle/TK Max/JJB/Champion sports to the advanced "casual" boy-bandish attyre should be written off at an early age; considered criminally minded and in all too many cases sectioned under the mental health act... if even one infects the neighbourhood the endemic scourge can be devastating within an age-group dominated by peer-pressure with an horrific incapacitating disease capable of rendering a neighborhood into a petrified repressed wasteland and a hindrance to your child's development and freedom to express themselves - so yeah some sort of fascist and personality restrictor; basically you'd feel you had more liberty around a troupe of gardai. now i know what cops are for; keepn the heat off me so thanks due - essentially in their beginnings a disadvantaged working to mid-class teen who never really develops due to extremely narrow gang locality mentality where another estate in the same postcode can be considered a foreign land.. despite their age has neither the bottle nor the nous to latch onto latest trends in youth culture thus rendering them a circa-1992 eastern european euro-raver with a penchant for a birro bob marley and UB40 in tribute to their parents (and grandparents?) with whom they tend to be surprisingly *close* ;- to with maybe some er Oasis considered if they're strong enough characters within their group to admit so... u.s. r'n'b/rap apparently dominating the charts since the early '90s so they seem to be latching onto that now. .. then there's the other side of the coin, the snob rawk/indie kids over in twee land with americanized names n accents =/ - Definition of Skanger: non-entity. i know i know... just pretend theyre not there. however.. their head between your foot and the ground? =) just be sure of a clean fight
skanky skanger: "gwaaan oi'll stab ya wi a screwdroiver"
by cullEy February 27, 2008
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