2 definitions by crystal mchottness

Another name for candy, junk food, etc.
I really want to go get some fat snacks to fill my tummmmmy!!!
by Crystal McHottness June 08, 2014
brock is just another word for asshole. brocks usually have a small dick. they dont know how to treat a girl right. they most likely will cheat and lie to their girlfriends all the time! you do not want to be with a brock. they break girls hearts and just dont even care. sometimes they'll break a girls heart and then hate them for no reason at all, and make the girls life a living hell. brock isnt that good of a friend either. sorry to say, but you dont want a brock in your life.
ashley: how was it like going out with that brock kid?

cassie: a living hell.
by crystal mchottness July 02, 2011

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